Martin is a unique French company, born for the happiness of dogs, cats, and their owners.

Established in 1969, Martin started with the production of leather goods (collars, leashes, harnesses) in its workshops located in Maubeuge, northern France.

The mastery of this artisanal manufacturing continues, and today, Martin has two production sites in France for leather goods manufacturing.

Over the past 50 years, Martin has expanded its expertise and become a true specialist in all products related to the dog and cat worlds.

The butterfly, the brand's emblem, can be found on beds, leather goods, shampoos, brushes, natural toys, and accessories that adorn the shelves of your stores.

Quality and design are two key elements defining the essence of Martin products.


Safe & Stylish Walks
Martin collars and leashes combine functionality and aesthetics.
Made from durable materials such as genuine leather or high-quality synthetics, they provide a comfortable and secure fit for the animal.

Martin harnesses are designed to offer optimal control and superior comfort. Made with breathable and durable materials, our harnesses ensure a balanced pressure distribution on your dog's body, making them perfect for walks and sports activities.

Soft and Comfortable Rest
Our quality baskets and cushions offer optimal comfort for restful sleep. Made from soft and durable materials, our cushions and baskets, in various styles, seamlessly fit into your interior while offering a warm resting space for the animal.

Art of Artisanal Weaving: Vietnamese Craftsmanship Heritage
We take pride in preserving traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship by showcasing these unique baskets. By choosing our products, you also support local communities and promote sustainability.

Elegance on Four Paws
Our collection of dog clothes combines style, comfort, and functionality to give your companion an elegant appearance while ensuring its well-being.

Safe Playtime
We strive to offer a wide range of fun, colorful, and attractive toys that will captivate the animal's attention and provide moments of entertainment and pleasure.

Each toy is made with high-quality and durable materials to ensure the animal's safety.

100% Non-Toxic Rubber Toy

100% Natural Rubber Toys for Dogs and Cats

Made in our factory in Spain, our rubber toys are non-toxic, biodegradable, and specially designed to prevent the risk of intestinal blockages. Resilient and pliable, they are made with FDA-certified rubber and comply with European standards EN 71-3.

Our bowls and accessories are designed to meet your animal's specific needs. From anti-gulping bowls for fast eaters to travel bowls, our products aim to make the animal's daily life easier while promoting a healthy and balanced diet.

Everything the Feline Needs

At Martin, we offer a complete range of accessories that meet all the essential needs of cats.