CREATE : our business

Martin Sellier’s passion for the business has started over 50 years ago by designing and manufacturing leather items with a perfect outfit. With this expertise, Martin is strongly committed to a rigorous selection of raw materials and to test the performance of its new products in all areas.
A team of 5 designers creates products exclusively designed to propose new materials and new designs to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our brands

+ 13 000 items for cats and dogs
+ 16 000 loyal customers
+ 10 000 lines delivered per day (capacity for 24 000)

INNOVATE permanently

Market-driven, Martin offers all year long novelties. Variety in styles, new fabrics, new features, fashion trends, we will surprise you.

RESPECT the environment

Throughout our manufacturing processes and distribution we wish to reduce our impact on the environment. Our packaging is mostly from recycled or recyclable materials. For instance, we propose a range of 100% natural rubber toys and bamboo cat trees to guarantee the well-being of the planet and animals. We mainly use barge transportation.

A distinctly Franco-European production

In order to regularly offer new products and maintain the quality of its items, MARTIN has chosen to relocate its production to Europe, either through its own factories or in collaboration with European partners. We've moved from 6% in 2006 to 60% of products manufactured in Europe today. Martin Sellier now has 2 production workshops in France and 1 in Spain, along with European partners.

DELIVERY A worldwide distribution

Martin Sellier has customers in 53 countries and strives to satisfy more and more around the world.

Our motto:
Being market driven to satisfy or customers.

A team at your service, availability and competence are two watchwords at Martin Sellier.
30 sales representatives in France to meet your expectations.
Exclusive sales representatives equipped with an order entry terminal. Regular visits to retail outlets, market analysis… They ensure a real monitoring and advise you in terms of optimization for your department stores.
An export sales team in constant contact with our customers and partners abroad.

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EFFICIENT logistics

New premises opened in 2012 - Logistics center of 12,000m2
Storage capacity of 13,800 pallets - Loading docks

With its WMS (Warehouse Management System) Martin Sellier provides a personalized and optimized process of your orders.
The constant evolving of our computer system and our management provides you with a high quality order service.

WELFARE to serve you better

A modern and spacious work environment for the well-being of its employees enables MARTIN to offer you the best as well.

GENDER EQUALITY INDEX (for the year 2023 based on 2023 data):

  • Indicator related to the difference in individual raise rates: 100%. There is no gap between men and women.
  • Indicator related to the number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the 10 employees with the highest remuneration: Result in number of employees of the underrepresented gender: 4